Missing Classmates

The following members of the class of 1989 are considered “lost” by the Alumnae Association as three pieces of returned mail have been received from the alumna’s last known address.

If you know the whereabouts of any of these women, please contact either the Alumnae Association or one of our class officers.  Thank you!

JoAnna F. Aguenza

Patria C. Baaser

Leslie E. Bohlen

Maratea H. Cantarella

Tania J. Cassell

Michelle Charles

Janice L. Cheung

Hari Choi

Donna Corley

Laura L. Dahl

Margaret L. Edwards

Lisa E. Gallay

Emilie D. Gomart

Julie Ann Hendin

Rama Mani Hiffler

Joanna K. Jackson

Maria Orquiza Kapsa

Neela Kartha

Paola Liverani

Maritza Lopez

Elizabeth J. Malcolm

Nancy P. Mawn

Faridi B. Metry

Teresa D. Negrucci

Nora L. Nielson

Jennifer H. Park

Rachael E. Peters

Anne Grzesinski Pflieger

Debra A. Reiner

Pauline C. Reyes

Erika L. Rowland

Elizabeth Scott-Janda

Rena R. Shachar

Tahseen N. Shareef

Bethany J. Walker

Diana Yanez

3 thoughts on “Missing Classmates

  1. Christine,


    My husband called my attention to my being a “missing classmate” just this morning. I apologize for not updating my alumna information sooner. I have already updated my file and the Alumnae Association has all of my contact details. So you can already remove me from this list.

    Thank you.

    Joanna A. Bernas
    Manila, Philippines

  2. Welcome back, Joanna! We hope to see you in five years at our next Reunion!

  3. Hi Christine!

    I am away most summers in the Middle East and just got back to realize I missed our 20th reunion. Really a shame. But I have updated my contact info with the Alumnae Association and hope to come to the next reunion.

    Hope you’re doing well, and good to be back in touch.

    All best,

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